Protect Your Children's Standard of Living

Raising a family means taking on a lot of responsibility.  You need to think about protecting your financial futures as well as those of your children. That means insuring your lives, protecting your income and covering your debt so that your children can continue the standard of living that you have established for them.
You may not always be there to provide for them.  Talk to your partner, and discuss the reality of either of you dying early.  What if you both die?  You need to make decisions about care for your children. Who would be able to provide this care.  Discuss it with them and make sure they’re agreeable to the task – don’t underestimate the magnitude of that task, even if it is a close relative.
Life insurance is an affordable way to provide this financial security.  Inexpensive, short term options are available as well as more effective permanent solutions.   Insurance premiums are based on age as well as underwriting risk.  Doesn’t it make sense to buy it while its cheaper and your health is at its best?
Beyond the financial need, you need to stipulate what your wishes are in the event of your death.  A will is an absolute necessity – more so when you have children.
Tragedy can strike at anytime. Don’t wait until next week.  Don’t leave your bereaved family saying, “he was going to take care of it next week, and now it’s too late”.
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