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CEO Keith Brown has more letters after his name than in it. But that’s just a small part of the story. The rest is told client-by-client as we pursue a multi-disciplinary approach that gives our clients the benefit of the wisdom, expertise and experience of the very best specialists available.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team:

Regardless of the opportunities you are pursuing, or the issues you are addressing, in addition to our Core Personnel, Financial Confidence™ brings together a team of expert collaborators who ensure you get the information, insight and guidance you need.

  • Tax lawyers – Legal opinions and tax structures
  • Investment counsel – Personal and corporate investment management with access to preferred fee institutional investments
  • Fee-Only Financial Planner – Unbiased, non-product dependent financial advice, plans and implementation
  • Banking – Mortgages and financing
  • Business valuator – Real-time, accurate business valuations and identification of future value building opportunities
  • Private equity – Special financing for private and public companies
  • M&A consultant – Optimal mergers and acquisitions are most often a key part of business development
  • Solicitor – Legal documents and structures
  • Barrister – Litigation 
  • Actuary – Specialists who help calculate pensions, life insurance valuation and life expectancy
  • CPA – Audits and tax specialties
  • Trust consultant /Corporate trustee – Unbiased management of assets placed in trust for beneficiaries
  • Real estate advisors – Assess values and potential for development
  • Exit planner – Empowering you to leave your business when you want, to whom you want and on your own terms
  • Psychiatrist – Personal health and conflict resolution
  • Family counselor and coach – Family conflict resolution and goal achievement  
  • Family enterprise consultants and facilitators – Remove barriers and empower enduring communication and trust among stakeholders
  • Family office creators and managers – Manage family wealth, family member accountability, and philanthropy
  • Public relations – Protect and enhance your social and community standing
  • Physicians and personal trainers – To support our clients’ good health and to ensure the best possible insurance underwriting results
  • Performance coaching – Goal oriented, executive and family member coaching
  • Peer advisory groups – Group learning opportunities for CEO’s, Executives and family members meeting regularly to confidentially discuss issues and learn from each other
  • HR consultant – Develop sound HR policies for the family and the business
  • Mediator – General conflict resolution
  • Historian – Develop family genealogy and story for future generations to understand, honor and learn from family history
  • Charitable gifting / family philanthropy expert – Planned giving expertise ensures your charitable investments are getting the best value

A metaphor for how your multi-disciplinary team will work

When you engage in a relationship with the Keith Brown and the Financial Confidence™ team, it’s as if you were boarding a very exclusive yacht. Throughout the voyage, we engage a crew of the specific experts you need to reach your destination and achieve your goals along the way. With the guidance and active supervision of the captain (Keith!), the crew is empowered to do the very best job possible.

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