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“When the light comes on…”

Trust is the most important asset in any relationship. Without it, vitally important and often very tough conversations don’t take place. The hard questions are not asked… let alone answered. Without trust, breakthroughs are rarely achieved.

That’s why we welcome the opportunity to invest our trust in you.

It’s an effective starting point. Simply contact us to arrange for a Trusted Relationship Conversation. Together, we will determine our mutual ability and requirements for entering into a relationship empowered by trust. And, if appropriate, we will begin a detailed exploration of your most important goals and current situation.

“Trust is essential for candid conversations between generations. A lack of trust leads to misunderstandings and misgivings, and is a major cause of poor success in transitioning wealth.” 

Keith Brown

Experience the Trust Breakthrough

The Empowered Confidence Process™

To guarantee you receive the full value of our experience, expertise and capabilities, we developed the Empowered Confidence Process™. It continuously evolves as we learn what works best for our very best clients. The structure it provides accelerates your progress and empowers us to proactively serve you in a constantly changing environment.

1. The Trusted Relationship Conversation

Together, we determine our mutual ability and requirements for entering into a relationship empowered by trust. And, we gain a detailed understanding of your most important goals and current situation.

2. The “What if?” Strategic Blueprint

To ensure you are able to engage our strategic advisory team with complete confidence, we provide a complimentary blueprint to illustrate our role in the achievement of your goals.

3. The Performance

We cover all aspects of our working relationship with you in a customized performance contract including shared expectations, important milestones, and a fee schedule specifically tailored to your needs.

4. Strategic Research and Advisor Assessment

In addition to in-depth fact finding and review of all relevant documents, we assess the contribution your existing advisors are making to the achievement of your goals.

5. The Financial Confidence™ Protection Plan

This dynamic, step-by-step plan provides a detailed description of the strategies we will apply, the role your advisors must play, and essential performance indicators. To ensure ongoing effectiveness and efficiency, it also includes provisions for managing your changing needs and circumstances over time.

6. The Implementation Coordinator

This supervised, calendar-driven, service plan ensures you and your advisors know what we are doing on your behalf, and what you and they need to do, every step of the way.

7. The Trusted Relationship Check Up

In addition to the conversations and meetings needed to implement and sustain your Financial Confidence™ Protection Plan, we conduct annual standalone meetings to review your progress, assess our performance, and further strengthen our relationship.

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