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Discover the freedom to:

  • Do what you do best in your business
  • Work on your business to make it better
  • Exit your business exactly on your own terms
  • Ensure your business thrives, come what may
  • Realize your dreams

There is no single “right” way to do this, just as there is no single starting point that fits everyone.

At the heart of the Financial Confidence business continuity planning process is a continuous conversation that is driven by trust. It’s focused on finding answers to tough questions, safe, thought provoking, relevant, reality-based, and considerate of your cares and current situation.

And, it’s the best way to make sure you do not leave a mess for your family or your business.

Because of One-Dimensional Risk Management™ nine out of 10 business continuity plans are seriously flawed and will completely or partially fail if these flaws are not remedied. In addition, because most advisors are not life insurance experts, they too often unintentionally and unknowingly provide incomplete business continuity and estate planning advice. Which means the plans you have in place could be incomplete and may not deliver the results you want for your family, your assets and your business.

The Early Warning Assessment

Completing this complimentary assessment of your current situation, including any business continuity plans you may have in place, empowers your confidence in several ways:

  • It reveals any hidden weaknesses, pitfalls and financial and/or tax inefficiencies within existing plans
  • It clearly illustrates the opportunities you can realize with an appropriate plan
  • And, it exposes the current and future dangers you are not yet protected from

Beware of The Passive Confidence Trap

Sometimes, when it comes to protecting your current success along with the future success of your business and the next generation of owners, you can fall into the Passive Confidence Trap. When it comes to business continuity, you may fall prey to one or more of these False Assumptions and Beliefs:

  • We will always have sufficient cash.
  • We can sell some of our real estate or other business assets to pay the tax bill.
  • We can borrow against real estate or other business assets to pay the tax bill.
  • We can painlessly push the tax bill onto the next generation.
  • We don’t need insurance because we can invest money elsewhere to get a better return.
  • Insurance is not an asset and a balance sheet item. It is an expense – sometimes a necessary evil – and a simple commodity, one you can purchase and forget about

To find if you are in danger of falling into the Passive Confidence Trap, or how to escape it, schedule your Early Warning Assessment today.

Experience the Empowered Confidence Process.

If you are not quite ready for an Early Warning Assessment,  but want to learn more about how we can help, simply contact us and we will schedule an informal conversation about whatever it is you wish to discuss.


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