Exit Planning

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What if you could…

  • Exit exactly when and how you want?
  • Maximize the purchase price? 
  • Optimize buyer interest and engagement?
  • All while sailing through the buyout negotiation?

Our job is to get you the most money and the best terms possible

One thing is for certain, you will exit your business. That’s why, regardless of your goals, it’s never too soon, and rarely too late, to start planning your exit. 

If you’re headed into life after business and want to enjoy the maximum reward for all those years of investing your time, passion, genius, and hard work, you need a plan. 

If you’re looking to sell one business to reinvest in another, you need a plan. 

(FYI: The way we look at it, when you simply want to sell your business, exit planning stands alone. But, when you want to ensure the business remains successful after you leave, you need Business Continuity Planning.)

What will buyers see? 

Will they see a business with it’s affairs in complete, precise, and sound order? Or, will they see a business built on the assumed value of many years of handshakes? (Unfortunately, handshakes don’t cut it for buyers.)

The Saleability Assessment

Specialists on the Financial Confidence™ team will conduct a complimentary initial assessment of everything buyers look at to determine if they want to buy a business and the price and terms they are willing to offer. 

Using a simple two-step process, we will give you a saleability rating based on the current state of your business’s legal, financial, structural, management, personnel, banking and accounting affairs. And, we will show you a path you can follow to get the most money and best terms possible. You will then be able to decide, with complete confidence, if it makes sense to engage our exit planning specialists.

Let’s Talk

If you are not quite ready for a Saleability Assessment, but want to learn more about how Financial Confidence™ can help, simply contact us and we will schedule an informal conversation about what you wish to discuss.

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