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At the heart of every successful wealth transfer process is a continuous conversation focused on finding answers to tough questions, while being safe, caring, and free from distress. It is thought provoking, revealing, informative, relevant, and reality-based. And, above all, it continuously explores, clarifies and is shaped by your values and goals.

That’s a lot. It’s a big deal. And, it starts with our very first conversation.  

Questions are the answer!”Keith Brown

Eliminating Shirt Sleeves to Shirt Sleeves in Three Generations

How do we make sure the next generation leverages their advantages and capitalizes on all their opportunities?

Trust, a deep level of trust between generations, is the first part of the answer. The second is trust between you and your team of advisors. And thirdly, trust between advisors based on their ability to embrace and contribute to the realization of your goals.

To create such a level of trust takes strong leadership. That’s where Financial Confidence® comes in. Through decades of working with great clients, the experts around them, and our own team of experts, we have forged a powerful ability to continuously lead and nurture conversations that establish and protect trust.

An Ideal Model for Purposeful Wealth Transfer

Because of One-Dimensional Risk Management™ nine out of 10 wealth transfer plans are seriously flawed and will completely or partially fail if these flaws are not remedied. This will result in a substantial and unnecessary loss of wealth for all involved.

Even though every Financial Confidence® client’s needs and successor situation are unique, consistent results are achieved with a planning approach that gives you and your successor the freedom to pursue business, personal and family goals.

The process, depicted below, is an ideal model for creating that freedom.

An Ideal Model for Purposeful Wealth Transfer

  • Create a family charter including:
    • Code of conduct
    • Family values and shared goals
    • Regular and consistent family meetings for relationship nurturing
    • Dividend distribution criteria and plan
    • Standard for employment
    • Criteria for earning ownership
    • Dynamic model of Ownership/Family/Business Management interrelations
    • Family capital protection and nurturing (Financial, Social, Human)
    • Individual family member meetings
    • Individual meetings with business executive team
  • Full estate planning
  • Multi-dimensional tax planning
  • Investment planning
    • Review and risk balance existing portfolios (family and key business players)
    • Assess, protect and leverage other assets including:
    • Property
    • Heirlooms
    • Art
    • Antiques
    • Vehicles
  • Charitable gifting planning
    • Individual
    • Corporate
  • Complete document creation, update and coordination (for key business players and individual family members)
    • Wills and trusts
    • Ownership agreements
    • Key employee contracts
  • Employee benefits
  • Pensions
  • Short, medium and long-term incentive compensation plans
  • HR best practices
  • Succession plan development
    • Full assessment of leadership needs
    • Key player assessment
    • Full assessment of existing leadership potential
    • The 50-year People Tracker
    • Executive recruitment
    • Successor skill development planning
    • Key employee retention
    • Business valuation
  • Exit planning
  • Executive health assessment and management
  • Conflict resolution
    • Family
    • Personal
    • Business
    • Key executives
  • Contingency planning
    • Family
    • Personal
    • Business

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