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The monetary value of a property or business

Ownership and the right to share in future profits or appreciation in value

The quality of being fair or impartial

Power is Earned

We know what it takes to create and wield the power of wealth.

You Built It

You’ve done what it takes. Now, thanks to your success, there are many options available. Your business, your wealth, your successors, your family, and you are all connected. Success or failure in one, impacts all others. How can you be sure you are making the best choices possible?

Choose With Confidence

You’re Taking Over

It’s your turn to lead. Your business family’s equity will be in your hands. Do you have what it takes: the vision, the plan, the team, the skills, the confidence? Is your predecessor prepared; willing and ready to let go? Are you ready to protect and grow the equity being entrusted to you?

Lead With Confidence

Choose With Confidence

Choose Your

Empower Their

Protect Equity In Transition

Ensure Business

For nearly 40 years, hundreds of Canada’s most successful business families have trusted Keith Brown and the Financial Confidence team to prepare them for the future and ensure business continuity. Our approach encourages effective collaboration with and among your trusted advisors (accountants, lawyers, counselors and business consultants) and key stake holders (successors, senior managers/executives, and family members). Together, we create and continuously manage multi-generational, business family governance. We deliver the confidence you need to grow your businesses, solve complex issues, transition leadership, secure your future, reduce taxes, and implement efficient estate plans.

Lead With Confidence

Empower Your Success

Ensure Business Continuity

Thrive Beyond Transition

Just like yours, Financial Confidence&#0153 is a multi-generational business family. We know the ability to lead with confidence comes from having a clear transition path to follow, absolute clarity about the role you will play during and after transition, and a practical and harmonious business and family governance structure. We also know your ability to lead with confidence depends on trusting yourself and earning the trust of others. That’s why we work directly with business family successors to ensure they acquire the skills they need, define and express their vision for the future, and play an essential role in the development and realization of a succession plan.

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