Five ways to stay active while on the road

By Maryam Siddiqi, for Participaction
I’ve been travelling a lot lately, mostly for work, sometimes for fun. I’m always excited to see a new place and to get out of my routine at home, but this also means interrupting my fitness routine. While it’s nice to give my body a rest every now and then, I’ve learned that it’s nicer to keep it moving. But will I have access to a gym? Will that gym have the equipment that I need? Will I even have time to break a sweat?
Fortunately, hotels, fitness centres and even airports are making it easier to stay active while on the go, and the best bit is that you can usually sightsee while doing so. Here are five ways to keep moving while on the road.

  1. Pack a pair of runners.  Whether you’re a walker or runner, most hotels have mapped routes of various distances to and from their front doors. Grab a copy of the map from the front desk, lace up and explore the city on foot while getting in the day’s cardio.
  2. Gear up.  Forgot your workout wear or just didn’t have room in your suitcase? Some hotels can provide guests with exercise clothing and shoes delivered straight to their room. Fairmont hotels, for instance, has a deal with Reebok so that members of its President’s Club can have access to gear during any stay. (And not packing workout wear means extra room for souvenirs on the trip home.)
  3. Get riding.  Many hotels rent bicycles to guests by the hour or day. Ask them for a helmet and lock as well and use this as your means of getting around town. Not only will you save money on taxi fares, but you’ll get to see the city you’re visiting up close.
  4. Stretch it out.  Visit a yoga studio near your lodging and ask if they have a first-class pass or trial rate for visitors. Many studios offer first-timers a premium discount for classes (some even free!). Nothing takes the edge off a long flight and jetlag like a well-executed downward dog, and you might meet a few locals who can give you tips on restaurants and places to see.
  5. Dive in. Most people don’t have a swimming pool in their backyard, but most hotels do. Pack a swimsuit and take advantage of the opportunity to change up your routine!

And don’t forget the airport. Toronto’s Pearson has a Goodlife gym in Terminal 1, San Francisco’s has a yoga room, and Zurich’s offers travellers rental access to bicycles and in-line skates.
Used with permission from Participaction

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