Financial Confidence | Business Family
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Business Family

Business Family Assessment for Succession Planning

For over 30 years, Keith Brown has worked with hundreds of business owners and business families to prepare for their futures and ensure business continuity:

  • Our collaborative approach involves working with the business family’s trusted advisors, including accountants, lawyers, counselors and business consultants to effectively handle business family governance.
  • Our business family process enables you to grow your businesses, solve complex issues, transition leadership, secure retirement, reduce taxes and develop efficient estate plans.

Benefits of Business Family Succession

Business families need to protect their wealth, their relationships and manage their unique business, family and personal risks. We help business family owners successfully transition their business to the next generation to:

  • Ensure a successful succession plan
  • Determine who is best suited successor
  • Set up the selected successor to succeed
  • And protect your assets through a transition

Financial Confidence® Business Family Process

  1. Complimentary Phone Consultation

    During this initial phone consultation, we will discover if there is a mutual fit and discuss the process to solve your business risks.

  2. Discuss Business Goals and Objectives

    Establish contract, review document checklist and sign confidentiality agreement.

  3. Document Collection and Fact–Finding

    Gather information to clearly define your goals, needs and priorities including collection of all relevant documents and a questionnaire (family involvement as you deem appropriate).

  4. Critical Analysis

    Identify challenges, opportunities and solutions to your objectives. Review strategic document summary, risk assessment and summary of tax and estate planning recommendations.

  5. Solutions Implementation

    We work with you and your professional advisors to enact your objectives.

  6. Check Up


We continue to meet with you on a regular basis to make sure the financial plan or estate plan still meets your objectives and circumstances.